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“Potentialities” is an ongoing Lens-based sculpture series documented by site-specific photographs. Each transparent artwork conceptualizes an aspect of the ephemeral nature of human experience.




Each piece begins as a maquette: a small, temporary sculpture exploring the potential for large-scale installations. The clear objects in these maquettes are often-times Duchampian ‘ready-mades’: pre-existing transparent toys, corporate gifts, souvenirs, knick-knacks, etc. I have amassed hundreds of clear objects for use as repositionable assemblage elements while pondering compelling visual concepts. For the large-scale sculptures, I fabricate or commission new clear objects to suit; the choice of materials and techniques depends upon each sculpture’s requirements - tending to glass, resin or acrylic.  


Each sculpture’s transparent quality evokes the transitory nature of human experience and is enhanced by both the temporary installation time-frame (one hour to one day) and the snapshot immediacy of the photographs. The subject’s presence is only inferred by the color & texture of wilderness settings - conveying the hierarchy of environment over ephemeral human influence. 

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