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“Potentialities” is an ongoing Lens-based sculpture series documented by site-specific photographs. Each transparent artwork conceptualizes an aspect of the ephemeral nature of human experience.



Each sculpture’s transparent quality evokes the transitory nature of human experience. The subject’s presence is only inferred by the color & texture of wilderness settings - conveying the hierarchy of environment over ephemeral human influence. 

 I patiently study the play of light and color refracting through the clear objects; I am in search of a transformative moment to photograph - one in which the tangible sculptures are rendered insubstantial and hallucinatory - one in which I can imagine the subject’s past, present, and future - from the ‘a-ha’ moment of inception to it’s faded memory.

These clear sculptures are often-times inspired by pre-existing transparent toys, corporate gifts, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and other discarded objects. I am amassing hundreds of clear objects for use as reposition-able assemblage elements while exploring new artworks

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